Climate Legacy Pledge

I pledge

to not donate to Northeastern University until they divest from the fossil fuel industry.


Climate change represents a dire and immediate threat to humans and their environment. The link between burning fossil fuels and climate change is proven. Meanwhile, fossil fuel companies remain excessively profitable, and own over $27 trillion in proven oil, gas, and coal reserves — more than five times as much fossil fuel as scientists think is safe to burn.

A portion of the endowment of Northeastern University is invested in fossil fuel companies, meaning some of each donor’s money helps to fund climate injustice. This relationship directly contradicts Northeastern’s goals for sustainability and a prosperous global community.

In light of these facts, I refuse to let my donation fund climate change. I will not make any donation of any kind* to the University until the Administration immediately freezes new investments in fossil fuel companies** and divests within five years from direct ownership from any funds that include fossil-fuel public equities and corporate bonds.


*Tuition, housing, and other payments directly pertinent to enrollment at the university are not ‘donations’.

**The Carbon Underground top 200 publicly-traded fossil fuel companies, ranked by the carbon content of their reported reserves.