Who We Are

Divest Northeastern University (DivestNU) is a coalition of over 20 student groups committed to a university-wide campaign advocating that the university divest its endowment from the fossil fuel industry.

Our Motivation

Global warming is already causing drastic changes in our climate: drastic ocean acidification, large-scale melting of Arctic ice, intensification of natural disasters, and disruption of the world’s ecosystems. Burning fossil fuels is directly responsible for these phenomena.

Those who contribute the least to climate change are impacted the most. Low income communities, communities of color, and communities in the developing world are hit first and worst by natural disasters. Stopping climate change is a necessity to create a just world, and that is our ultimate goal.

What is Divestment?

Divestment campaigns across the nation are encouraging universities, corporations, businesses, and other institutions to relinquish their investments in the fossil fuel industry. The respective enterprise will immediately freeze new investments in the fossil fuel industry and gradually divest over a carefully planned five year period.

Northeastern University prides itself on innovation and leadership. Just a few decades ago, Northeastern made a public impact by divesting $21 million from apartheid South Africa. The opportunity has risen once again to be a leader in social change for an ethical and just cause.

Latest Updates

Closing #FossilFreeCentennial

October 15, 2016

If you walk by Centennial, you’ll notice something is different. Today, our campaign chose to end its encampment given that on Tuesday we will be meeting with the Senior Leadership Team to find a way to move forward on the issue of divestment. If this meeting fails, our escalation will continue, informed by what we’ve learned these past two weeks.

Today was preview day at Northeastern- 2,500 prospective students and family members toured the university. At this event, Northeastern presented itself as a global institution. We presented Northeastern’s true global impact: lives lost, communities destroyed, voices ignored. Climate change is violent and so is Northeastern’s refusal to divest. Northeastern cannot ignore the human impact of climate change and its complicity in millions of deaths. This context will ground our meeting with the administration on Tuesday and inform our escalation moving forward.


Photo by Scotty Schenck